DAS Extensions Bundle

This is your chance to get all the plugins we have developed for the Design Approval System at one low price.

1. Clean Theme Skin, DAS Extension (Normal Price: $50.00)
2. Client Changes, DAS Extension (Normal Price: $20.00)
3. Select User and Email, DAS Extension (Normal Price: $30.00)
4. Design Login, DAS Extension (Normal Price: $40.00)
5. Private Project Board, DAS Extension (Normal Price: $20.00)
6. Public Project Board, DAS Extension (Normal Price: $20.00)

That is a total of $180.00 in of Extensions.
We are giving them all to you for $100.00.
That is a $80.00 Savings!


1. DOWNLOAD or install the the Design Approval System main plugin FREE:  This is the main plugin you’ll want to install before adding the extensions. Un-zip the file you receive then, there should be 4.
1. Go to your plugins page in your wp-admin and click add new.
2. Upload and Activate each of the zipped plugins one at a time.
3. Follow any instructions in our readme.txt file included in the plugins folder and also watch the Walk-Through we have created on the Design Approval System too.

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  • Version: 1.0
  • Plugin Updated : 5/31/14
  • Requires at least Wordpress: 3.5
  • Tested up to: 3.9.1

Please download the free version and make sure you like it before upgrading.

Free Downloads: 18,587