DAS Basic Bundle

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This is your chance to get all of the basic DAS extensions made for the Design Approval System at one low price.

Included DAS Extensions

  1. Client Changes (Normal Price: $20.00) 
    Lets your clients submit changes to designers.
  2. Select User and Email (Normal Price: $30.00) 
    Easily choose the name/email of Designers and Clients to design posts. No more hand typing.
  3. Design Login (Normal Price: $40.00) 
    Customizable Login page with no page reload to view design. Clients login with wp user name/pass.
  4. Public & Private Project Board (Normal Price: $30.00) 
    Show the whole project board or create a private board for a client to login and only see their projects.

Included DAS Themes

  1. Clean Theme (Normal Price: $50.00)  – Works perfect with the Client Changes extension. NOTE: DAS Themes ONLY affect DAS pages, they are not full WordPress themes.

That is a total of $170.00 in of Extensions.
We are giving them all to you for $100.00.
That is a $70.00 Savings!

Please see install and setup instructions here.

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  • Version: 1.0
  • Plugin Updated : 5/31/14
  • Requires at least Wordpress: 3.5
  • Tested up to: 4.1

Please download the free version and make sure you like it before upgrading.

Free Downloads: 24,627