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About the plugin

Do you pay authors for page views? Let our plugin calculate the amount per post view and give you totals by date. This is the Enterprise Extension for the Post Profit Stats, wordpress plugin. The basic idea of this plugin is so you can see the total number of views per user or author with a total and grand total and be able to sort them by date, allowing you to see your authors totals. The way we have developed this plugin as you will see, organizes the Author and their totals. Then if you click on an Author you will be taken to that Authors page displaying all of their posts including stats and totals. Setting this up could not be easier. Just add the amount per view you are paying your authors or whomever. That’s it! Our system will calculate the total number of views your webpage has received and multiply that by the amount you entered.

The Enterprise Extension does the following

  1. The information is recorded to a separate database.

The Pro Extension does the following

  1. You get all the Features that come from the FREE Version.
  2. Allows you to track Unlimited Authors.
  3. Allows you to set an amount of money paid to EACH individual Author per view.
  4. You can change the name of Post Profit Stats in the menu and main page header to whatever name you would like. Also by adding a custom name our slickremix logo will disappear.

The FREE version does the following

  1. ONLY allows you to track up to 10 Authors.
  2. ONLY allows you to set ONE amount of money for ALL Authors per view.
  3. If you are logged in and viewing your posts they will not be counted. Only if you are logged out. (Logged in Authors reviewing posts won’t count as views)
  4. Change the Sales Figures & Total Sales colors.
  5. Views get counted even with caching plugins. That’s right it will work!
  6. The information is recorded to your database.


We have also done the following tests to make sure the view counts are as accurate as possible. Here are a few. Again even if you have a caching plugin installed this plugin will still track views, similar to google. Made external link to post Result: jetpack counted the same as our plugin Click from internal link on website Result: jetpack counted the same as our plugin Click from external link on Facebook Result: jetpack counted the same as our plugin Click from external mail link Result: jetpack counted the same as our plugin Click while logged into wordpress Result: jetpack counted and our plugin did not count Note: Why would you want stats on your logged in users for view counts? Another advantage of our plugin.


1. DOWNLOAD or install the the Post Profit Stats main plugin FREE: This is the main plugin you’ll want to install before adding the extensions. 1. Go to your plugins page in your wp-admin and click add new. Plugin button is on the left menu area of your wp-admin 2. Click the upload link 3. Upload the zip files you will receive after purchasing this item 4. Click the Activate link after it is finished uploading 5. Follow any instructions in our readme.txt file included in the plugins folder

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  • Version: 1.0.4
  • Plugin Updated : 2/5/16
  • Requires at least Wordpress: 4.0
  • Tested up to: 4.4.2

Please download the free version and make sure you like it before upgrading.