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Clean Theme Skin, DAS Extension


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You must login to approve designs or make changes.

Username: Jerry Berry
Password: mypassword2

You can also see the Clients Project Board by clicking on the ‘Howdy, Jerry Berry’ link at the very top right, once you have logged in… Then click on the Project Board menu link in the left hand side bar. (that is what the clients will see when they login)

Tip: Login and approve a design, then go to the project board and view the star on that design and the details which will show you the Client’s signature.

View Project Board Example

SlickRemix is proud to bring you our totally revised Theme for the Design Approval System. This theme has the same functionality and capabilities as our free theme that comes with the DAS, but the Clean Theme has been modified with bigger butons that are also animated. The layout and client options have a cleaner and brighter style to them now too.

Plugin Info

Version: 2.1
Plugin Updated: 10/10/13
Requires at least WordPress: 3.0.0
Tested up to: 3.8


1. Go to Appearance then Themes in your wp-admin.
2. Click Install Theme.
3. Upload the zip files you will receive after purchasing this item.
4. Click the Activate link after it is finished uploading.
5. On the DAS Clean Theme Settings page you can now add a new logo for the theme.
6. When you make a new design post make sure and select the Clean Theme as your design post template, located in the right sidebar.
7. That’s it, now preview your post and you should see your new theme.

NOTE: You can have different themes on different design posts if you want. For Instance you can still use the default theme template that comes with the DAS on certain design posts if you wanted or the Clean Theme.


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