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Design Login, DAS Extension


You can see live example here. Live Example

Username: Jerry Berry
Password: mypassword2

Now on your DAS design posts you can choose if you want the client to see your custom login too. This also makes your design posts secure from other people surfing your site. You can also turn this option on or off on any post you want. Just make sure your client logs in with the Das-Client you must set them up as in wordpress.

By clicking on the New Menu item called Login Settings in the DAS menu you can change the color of the login page background and title using our slick color picker.

NOTE: Notice the photos to the left depicting the logout button on the design post page too now.

Plugin Info

Version: 1.2
Plugin Updated: 8/3/13
Requires at least WordPress: 3.0.0
Tested up to: 3.8

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