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not sure if soliciting "ask amanda" questions over email from humanity = a good idea. now reading them and crying and depressed and...great.

best way is to rent a car from NYC, or train.... RT @totemka How do people get to this Bard thing? Foreigner needs help:) cc

next up on listening play deck.... @RainEDay22:

aaaand @thomyorke's new record is really pretty. excellent music for fretting to.

my TED talk has just broken the 6,000,000+ view mark. holy fuck.

now taking questions for "ask amanda" in longform. emails will remain 100% anonymous. submit to answers will be blogged

lena dunham -> people magazine quoting new yorker slam piece about kerfuffle two years ago -> look at it all as book promo, palmer. shusssh.

finally downloaded @thomyorke's new record. excited to drink white wine and listen deep tonight.

RT @rachelsklar: The Difference Between Lena Dunham and Aziz Ansari's Million-Dollar Book Deals: via @flavorwire

RT @DrGlenBarry #EBOLA is environmental collapse (warning: graphic/disturbing images).

i love reading blog comments

at least I've stopped smoking.

:D RT @GreenRowBooks Thrilled to see @neilhimself & @amandapalmer give a voice to indie booksellers! #IndiesFirst!

aghh ! yes that thank you RT @JustJimWillDo Reading @amandapalmer's blog is like a mind-meld. It just gets in! ps Amanda: "sparring".

ominous clamp. #TheBedShow