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OR ALL THREE ?? RT @xAngerella @amandapalmer half jack - personality disorder or gender issue??

RT @stevedesigner: Hell of a photo with @neilhimself @alyankovic @GeorgeRRMartin_ taken by the lovely @amandapalmer #BannedBooksWeek http:/…

<3 RT @FiligreePeacock I bought my wife a ticket for PDX as an anniversary present, I won't be there #deploymentprobs #sailorlife

the book tour SPECIAL GUEST in NYC @BNUnionSquareNY is BRANDON STANTON a.k.a. @humansofny who is amazing. all dates:

RT @neilhimself: I didn't credit the photographer of the world's most awesome #BannedBooksWeek picture. Step forward @amandapalmer! http://…

:) RT @Suggestive Got tickets to see @amandapalmer in Portland. My heart feels happy.

yay!! RT @Jschnabbs @amandapalmer @jherekbischoff I can't wait for this album!! $$ Done.

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just backed @jherekbischoff's kickstarter!! get on it people, this man is contributing awesome music to the world!

RT @Daph_Punk: One of the craziest/best projects I've ever been a part of. Thank you. @amandapalmer #neilgaiman

RT @Jose_Pagliery: @amandapalmer I mention you, donation-supported artists & the power of micropayments in my book. Just thought I'd let yo…

really proud. thank you... RT @Daph_Punk Just received my #bedsongbook from @_superkate_!! Thanks @kylecassidy @amandapalmer @neilhimself!!!

wow. what a terrible thing to tweet. RT @JonnyNumb @emilieautumn is like the more creative, non-asshole version of @amandapalmer.

I'll happily do both RT @CapricaSong tour in DC. will you write something on me that i can get tattooed instead of signing my book?

yip RT @rjjones80 see you in Denver November 23rd!!! Can't wait.