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"twitter-friends", take two. and.....ACTION. RT@SnarkAndBourbon This feels like the start to a modern Monty Python sketch for some reason.

c'mon in. plenty of room. i'v written two emails so far. RT@TEAthatisICED@mechtroid I wanna join!

sure. i'll be your friend. want to hang out on twitter while i write 352 emails? RT@mechtroid Will you be my friend?

and now that i've finished my book, i shall answer 352 emails.

aut inveniam viam aut faciam. RT@DRAMARTIGNETTI animus non deficit aequus.

it's time to find your friends

dear friends I'm about to have dinner & drinks with : just a heads up you're probably going to have to deal with weeping. love, me

RT@mikeandruthy: In the spirit of@amandapalmer we are making all of our digital music "name your price." Go and get it. Love m + r. http:…

SYDNEY!!!@sabrinamdangelo comedy show opening tonight!!!

home at last and the state of my desk reflects the state of my mind and heart. ready for a deep…

RT@inkacid: .@amandapalmer "I laughed, I cried, I bought an ukulele!"-Dry Cleaner for The Flaming Lips.

or I could ask the drummer from, like, ratt or winger. or Europe. or rammstein. or one of the guitar techs from the Nine Inch Nails tour.

"amanda palmer's book is really really really. you should so read it!" - guitar tech from the NIN world tour 2006

i'm totally insecure? RT@Michael_Mooney Why would you care?

aHA!!!!!! RT@mrdo ask The Edge instead. He never gets enough attention.