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*whistles innocently* RT @NancyBoi @brickstarter By logical extension @neilhimself will do his Ice Bucket Challenge naked.

i've devolved. RT @brickstarter Maybe my youtube is broken but it looked like @amandapalmer had clothes on during her Ice Bucket Challenge.

RT @redgoldeden: Beautiful RT @rdevro Long line of roses leading to the spot where Michael Brown died @amandapalmer

RT @el_mas_aca: The very center of the net: #IceBucketChallenge @amandapalmer

my phone tells me what time it is and I always believe it

RT @MrFif: Best one yet, so many people! @amandapalmer: I DID IT. I TOOK THE ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE. IT WAS COLD:

NYC!! TONIGHT! mr @quilken is throwing a DANCE PARTY before embarking for theater-land. go!

RT @brainpicker: Happy birthday, Winnie the Pooh! A rare recording of A.A. Milne reading from his classic http://t.c…

and i am loving you RT @brainpicker Loving @amandapalmer's lyrical and refreshingly real book cover

love MT @100BabySpiders Just saw -You’re amazing. I’d no idea you'd lost someone to ALS. My dad has it.Thanks for doing such a good one

yay RT @neilhimself @starsandsea @amandapalmer oh, got it. Yes I am. Will figure out environmentally sensible way to do it.

RT @prettyoddsoren: The great @amandapalmer does the #IceBucketChallenge and does it wonderfully:

RT @karmahigh: Crazy & Emotional #IceBucketChallenge by @amandapalmer Good luck @neilhimself

RT @rebelate_: @_edusb estamos un par de horas sin internet y @amandapalmer y @rogerfederer hacen el #IceBucketChallenge…