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golf. then CHURCH SOCIALS. RT@River_Vox Where tennis goes, can golf be far behind?

the adventures of penny palmer and prescott gaiman:

by the way musician world, if you missed the memo, there is now a HUGE DIGITAL SHEET MUSIC COLLECTION of all my stuff

...the b-sides and rarer stuff which were never on official albums were never churned through the sheet music factory. so they don't exist.

well... RT@lionrabbitwhale Love, love, love the sheet music- but I've got to ask, where's Provanity and The Assistant? I love those so much

RT@totemka: I like it when on the other side of the world@neilhimself and@amandapalmer start tweeting simultaneously which means they wo…

...I am trying to figure out how to package them with pre-paid postal envelopes addressed to the daily mail - for inspiration.

by the way, speaking of the daily mail, i am working on a new piece of merchandise. by request...dear daily mail nudie pens. I shit you not.

thank you RT@thechoripanfile jajajaja,@amandapalmer that`s a fucking great answer to the @DailyMailUK

RT@MJKellySmith: OMG! He's not in black! @neilhimself @amandapalmer neil gaiman hoists the main sail with ben””

thanks. RT@fozzibehr I've been recently introduced to@amandapalmer and I am in love. I respect you and what you do.

look! russian!!! RT@_TEDRUS TED RUS x Аманда Палмер: Искусство просить | Amanda Palmer: The art of a...: с помощью

RT@eyeseaewe:@amandapalmer Amanda, it's just hit me. Giving is easy. Asking is fucking terrifying. Thanks for providing the confidence to…

you're welcome. so good. RT@SarahPinborough Hey thank you for the kind words about my blog;-) x

it's a new era of hope RT@TheRealArmalite ..@neilhimself actually goes out in the sun? WEARING COLORED CLOTHES?