Sell Photos in WooCommerce + Bulk Upload, Protected Categories & More

If you're a photographer, then you'll know that clients expect to be able to view and purchase your photos on your website. As the world's leading [...]

Instagram API change on April 4th, 2018

Instagram Changes and what this means for you or your clients Instagram decided to retire API endpoints without warning affecting parts of our plugin Feed [...]

Free WordPress Plugins Support

If you are using one of our free plugins please click the one you need support for below and you will be taken to that support forum on, we will [...]

Underscore Required In Shortcodes

Urgent Update Required Do you have our Feed Them Social, Custom Google Plus Feed or Basecamp Wordpress plugin installed? If so please read below as some [...]

How to give Admin Permissions to a Facebook Page

Here is a short tutorial on how to give a Facebook user Admin permissions when you are the page owner. Log into Facebook account that has Admin permissions [...]

Our Launch of Feed Them Social Bar (FTS Bar)

FTS Bar We here at SlickRemix are excited to announce the launch of a new extension for Feed Them Social called Feed Them Social Bar (FTS Bar for [...]

SlickRemix nearing 100,000 total plugin downloads on WordPress Repository.

  Quite few years back my brother Spencer and I began having clients ask us if we had ever heard of WordPress. We said yes but only had minimal [...]

Memory Limit Problem in WordPress?

Are you getting an error like the one below? Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 40 bytes) in [...]

Black Friday until Cyber Monday

Well it's back the dreaded Black Friday! We'll make it painless though because one, you don't have to leave the house to buy anything here. And two, you will [...]

Rainbow Color Options

These are the languages you can use when adding code to the Doc It plugin. You will also find a few examples of how to use it. Example usage Below is an [...]

Private Project Board Giveaway

After over a year of success and almost 14k downloads we thought it only proper to do another giveaway. This is the Private Project Board Wordpress Extension [...]

A WordPress Misunderstanding.

If you develop or design anything to do with WordPress you may have experienced other people in another type of development business looking down on you. The [...]

A WordPress Plugin that changed our lives and business forever.

My brother (Spencer Labadie) and I (Justin Labadie) needed a better way to handle clients. We were tired of getting screwed over because clients said they had [...]

How to get your Facebook Page Vanity URL

This post was written for those who need to retrieve a Facebook Page ID for our Wordpress Plugin, Feed Them Social. These instructions also apply to anyone [...]