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Design Approval System

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Here is what you, the clients, and the plugin can do:


  • With the click of a button you can send the design’s review link to a client for approval. (An automatic confirmation email will be sent to both parties.)
  • Change the text in all automatic confirmation emails.
  • Display your company logo.
  • Display “Designer” notes for the client to read.
  • Display project start and end date.
  • Display ”Client” notes to assure the client you have completed all the things they have requested.
  • …and more.


  • Approve designs. (An automatic email confirmation will be sent to both parties.)
  • See project start and end date.
  • See “Designer” notes.
  • See “Client” notes to double check the designer has completed all the things they have requested.
  • …and more.


  • Send automatic confirmation emails.
  • Shows a STAR on approved Designs on the Project Board.
  • Adds clients approved signature to the database and can be view in the details area of design on the Project Board.
  • Display a versions menu to show previous versions of a design.
  • Hide notes to show just the design on the design review page. (Especially nice for web designers wanting to show what a design will look like on a page.)
  • Show you a list of all of your clients and projects! (Project Board page)
  • …and more.

Approved designs get a STAR on the Project Board, and Clients signature is recorded to the database. Check out the Project Board. Clients, projects, & designs are organized on one page + Clients can login to see their designs! View Live Example.

Please go to Getting Started to learn more.

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