Feed Them Social Premium

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This is an extension to the Feed Them Social WordPress Plugin. This will give you the options for Facebook Page/Group/Event, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube to choose how many posts, pictures, tweets or videos to show in your custom feeds.

Feed Them Social Premium also includes what you need to help generate the shortcodes for as many custom feeds as you like. Just copy shortcode to any page or post or use our newly developed widgets, it’s that simple. With one plugin you can make feeds of all your favorite stars, celebrities, friends or yourself.

Main Features

* Able to Display as many feeds as you want.
* Display Feeds on Pages, Posts and now Widget areas.
* All Feeds are fully responsive and work great on desktops, tablets and mobile devices.
* All Feeds also have follow button options.


* Facebook Page
* Facebook Page Videos
* Facebook Page Photos
* Facebook Page Albums Covers
* Facebook Page Event List
* Facebook Page Single Event with Posts
* Facebook Group
* Facebook Hashtag
* Color and Style options page.
* All Feeds display photos.
* All Feeds can show Soundcloud, Facebook uploaded videos, Youtube and Vimeo videos.
* Option to Display Facebook photos in a popup.
* Option to Display Facebook Posts In a Grid Style format. (side by side)
* Load more posts on all Facebook feeds so you that there is No Post Limit.
FB Page FB Page Videos FB GridFB GroupFB Page Event ListFB Page Single EventFB Page Album PhotosFB Page Album Covers


* Twitter User Account
* Twitter Search #hashtag, @person, or single words. For example, weather or weather-channel
* Displays photos and has a popup option to view photo larger.
* Color and Style options page.
* All Feeds can retrieve Soundcloud embeds, Twitter uploaded videos, Youtube, Vimeo and Vine videos.
* This feed has a max of 20 posts per shortcode.
Twitter Username
Twitter Search


* Vine videos
* Displays videos in popup.
* Show or hide logo, logo size or hide title and text.
* The vine gallery feed can retrieve as many vine ids as you can add to it.


* Instagram User Account
* Instagram Hashtag
* Both feeds display photos and have a popup option to view photos larger.
* Load more posts on all Instagram feeds so you their is No Post Limit.


* Show Boards
* Pins from a Board
* Users latest Pins
* You can retrieve up to 50 Boards per shortcode.
Pinterest BoardsPins from a Single BoardPins From a User


* YouTube Users Recent Uploaded Videos
* YouTube Users Specific Playlist of Videos
* YouTube Channel Videos
* YouTube Channel’s Specific Playlist of Videos
* Thumbnail videos open in nice popup.
* Choose how many videos per column.
* This feed has a max of 50 posts per shortcode.

Please see install and setup instructions here.

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  • Version: 1.5.4
  • Plugin Updated : 12/9/15
  • Requires at least Wordpress: 3.6
  • Tested up to: 4.4
  • Requires at least PHP: 5.3


Version 1.5.4
FIXED: ALL FEEDS: Shortcode names had to be fixed due to a change in WordPress Core 4.4. You must regenerate all FTS Shortcodes from the Settings page of our plugin if you are an existing user OR Simply add an underscore to your shortcode like this... [fts_facebook ...
Version 1.5.3
NEW: Licensing update
NEW: Misc Cleanup
FIXED: Facebook: Fixed blank image in Events feed if no image in place for event.
Version 1.5.2
NEW: Twitter: Now you can search #hashtag, @person, or single words. For example, weather or weather-channel. No spaces allowed.
CLEANED: Minified all CSS scripts.
Version 1.5.1
NEW: Facebook Video Feed. Now you can add a feed of your Facebook page's uploaded videos! Many options! Only Works with Facebook Pages. Not user accounts or groups etc. See examples
NEW: Facebook: Type 0 for the words= option and the description for each post will disappear.
NEW: Facebook: Hide the Like Button or Box if you are using more than one feed on a page.
NEW: Facebook: Align the Like Button or Box left, center or right.
NEW: Facebook: Set the Max Width for the Load More button.
NEW: Facebook: Set the margin for the Load More button.
Version 1.5.0
NEW: Vine Feed: Now you can add a gallery of Vine videos with thumbnails. See examples
Version 1.4.9
CLEANED: Namespacing and Classification for rest of files.
NEW: YouTube: Fixed outdated .live action, now using .on for opening video in popup and closing.
Feed Them Social Bugs and Suggested Changes

Please download the free version and make sure you like it before upgrading.

Free Downloads: 341,615