Cordova InAppPurchaseManager Problems?

I have had so many issues getting the OG version to work, I had to share this so others can stop struggling and get to work! Here is a modifed working version of this plugin, which also explains how to use the ApplicationPreferences Phonegap plugin to unlock products in your app, and the ever dreaded, “how do I make a restore purchases call” and then unlock contents. I have also included a few project screen shots that will hopefully help first timers out.

Props first go to the main deveoper who has made this possible, Matt Kane. And the countless other people on the web posting examples and helping out with questions.

IF ANYONE wants to help clean this up and bring it more up to speed than this, I am all for it!

Here is a github I started and wrote covering many of the difficult question you may have. Including images and example code to get you started.

I used these items in my project.

  1. InAppPurchaseManager
  2. ApplicationPreferences (btw. you don’t have to use this to make the inAppPurchaseManager function)
  3. Cordova 2.0.0
  4. Xcode 4.5.1

LINK: iOS InAppPurchaseManager EXAMPLE OCTOBER 2012

Below our photos of my app approved from using the code in the example link above.