Feed Them Gallery

Who is this plugin for?

If you are a Photographer, Developer, Artist, Someone looking to help others sell their photos, or just looking to create awesome, easy-to-use Galleries this plugin is for you! We made the process of setting up Galleries super simple. We included TONS of options to change the style and layout keeping focus on organization and simplicity. We want to make it so anyone can create a Gallery and sell photos with ease giving your customers/clients a hassle free experience when looking at or buying your images or art!

We take Image Protection seriously!

Some of us at SlickRemix are photographers ourselves. (You can see our work on the Demo site) We made sure to fulfill your watermarking and image protection needs. We created two methods for image protection. The first method make it so you can overlay your watermark/logo on the image and then the right click option is removed from the browser window to prevent users from Drag & Dropping or Saving your images. The second method allows imprint a watermark directly onto the actual image.

What does this plugin do?

With this plugin you can create and display clean image galleries. We have 4 different layouts you can choose from and many options to configure the look and feel of the gallery on your site. We’ve also made it super easy for you to connect your galleries to Woocommerce. In one click you can easily turn a Gallery into a ZIP and Woocommerce product. You can also in one click and based on a model product turn EACH individual photo into a Woocommerce product saving you MANY HOURS of tedious product creation!

Why should I buy this plugin?

We at SlickRemix have been working with WordPress for over 10 years and selling WordPress plugins for over 5 years with great success. We believe this is due to our Awesome, Fast Support and non-stop effort to keep making our plugins better and easier to use while always considering our users feedback too. When we created Feed Them Gallery we had photographers, Artists and Gallery users in mind. Through the years we have used many gallery plugins but none fit all of the needs in one SIMPLE solution!

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