FeaturesPremium ExtensionCombined Streams Extension
Display single Social NetworkYes, works best for creating a single social network per feed.Yes, but the Premium extension works better for doing just one social network per feed.
Combine Multiple Facebook StreamsNoYes
Combine all social networks into single StreamNoOne of each social network (mixing multiples of each social network coming soon!)
Load More PostsFacebook and Instagram Feeds (more coming soon!)Combined Multiple Facebook Accounts Feed only (more coming soon!)
Classic Layout (stacked)YesYes
Grid Style format (side by side)YesYes
Popup YesCombined Multiple Facebook Accounts Feed only (more coming soon!)
Images and VideosYesYes
Limit # of Words Per postFacebookAll feeds
Color and Style optionsYesYes
Fixed HeightYesYes
Show social network follow buttonsAll FeedsNo
Responsive YesYes