How To Add a design to the Design Approval System

This tutorial is assuming that you already have Design Approval System installed and activated on your WordPress website.
  1. Once you have you design ready, export a .jpeg, .jpg, or .png file from your design program. (You CANNOT upload psd’s because wordpress does not do this. You don’t want the clients stealing those anyways.)
  2. Log into your WordPress site.
  3. Create a new DAS Category. (This is an important step being that this is a part of how the “Versions Menu” knows if a design has multiple versions or not.)
    1. Click the “Design Approval System” button on the WordPress dashboard.
    2. Click the submenu button “DAS Categories”.
    3. Create a Category (Typically the name should either be the name of the company the design is for OR just the name of the design.)
  4. Now look back on the WordPress dashboard and click “Add New” under the “Design Approval System” button.
  5. Fill out Title.
  6. Add design to the post area by clicking the “upload/insert” icon.
  7. Fill out “Design Approval System Fields. (Under post area.)
  8. To the right of the “Design Approval System Fields.” select category of design. (You made the category in step 3.)
  9. Click the “Publish” button and Thats It! 9 easy steps and you have created your first design post to be approved! Awesome right!?

Be sure to review it on the post page then click the “Send Email” button under “Designers Notes” and it will automatically send an email to the client that includes a link for them to go to your new design post to review and approve the design (or submit changes if you have the Premium version of the Design Approval System plugin). This will also send a confirmation to you (the designer).

**NOTE** The email for the client and yourself may go into their Spam/Trash folder so be sure to give them a call or send them a text letting them know to check there for the emails!