Why use Post Profits Stats?

The answer is very simple. Post Profit Stats is a great way to keep track of Post views. (How many people have viewed a post). The advantage this plugin gives you is that you can pay other people (Authors) to write up posts for you and promote them. They share their posts with others to bring traffic to your site! This is an a effective and easy way to market your site

As the Views grow higher the more money your authors get paid! As an example, here on www.slickremix.com we pay authors .002 per view. This adds up to about $2 on every 1000 post views! Doesn’t seem like much but by the end of the month a post can have thousands of views. Multiply that by all the posts they have written and now you are both benefiting!

The Post Profit Stats plugin and extensions are a great way to turn your website, blog, or store into a money making machine. It’s also a great way to sell advertising on your site, show off your own products, or get people to sign up for subscriptions! We like to call this “Money while you sleep”. Let your Authors help do the work while they are getting paid to do so! All you have to do is total up their views at the end of the month on the stats page and pay them!

We aren’t just trying to talk you up about installing some plugin that isn’t even used. This plugin was created for, tested, and used by Guardian Express  a website that gets over 1,000,000 (one million) views a month and has tons of Authors writing for them!

Don’t take our word for it though, the free plugin lets you get a feel for the power of this plugin and what it can do to make you money.

As your site grows and your authors write you will probably need to upgrade to our Pro Extension or Enterprise Extension.

For a VERY SIMPLE explanation of the differences between them – click the link below.
Post Profit Stats – Differences between Free, Pro, and Enterprise .