A WordPress Plugin that changed our lives and business forever.

My brother (Spencer Labadie) and I (Justin Labadie) needed a better way to handle clients. We were tired of getting screwed over because clients said they had told us about design changes that they never really did. Many unpaid hours of our lives slipped away to keeping our clients happy. Sometimes though, things would spin out of control and suddenly both parties feel jipped ending what could have been a great business relationship. This is worst feeling when you own your own business.

We HAD to change this stressful and grueling cycle. We wanted nothing more than to get paid AND have happy clients. So we put our heads together. We had experience in designing and developing WordPress so we thought “Well, lets use the platform we know best and transform it into a way that could make our lives easier” … and so Design Approval System plugin was born.This plugin in which we had created for ourselves (and still use to this day I might add) has now changed businesses all over the world. We have had basically nothing but positive feedback.

SERIOUSLY. Take our advice and download this plugin for your site and learn how to use it like us and the many other out there. It’s pretty easy for the most part. Set up a design post and get clients to approve it. That’s the basic idea. This makes you and the client have a clear understanding of what is going on while the design process takes place. It’s FREE! (There are premium extensions that add more features but are NOT NEEDED for clients approval of designs) http://wordpress.org/plugins/design-approval-system/

Download and let us know what you think!