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Public & Private Project Board Setup

This is just like the Project Board in the admin area of the Design Approval System, but the Public Project Board is viewable on the FRONT end of your website. When DAS Clients view the Private Project Board they will only see their projects.

The nice thing about using this plugin is it makes it so your Clients don’t ever see your WordPress admin area. You can add a custom link to the DAS settings area that will create a button on your template that says ‘Project Board’ and that will take them to whatever page you have the link set to.


How do I setup the Public & Private Project Board?

  1. Start by purchasing Public & Private Project Board. (You can also purchase the DAS Bundle Extensions which includes all of our Premium extensions for a discounted price.)
  2. After purchase, Download the extension or bundle from your “My Account” page.
  3. Upload and activate plugin to WordPress install. (for install instructions click here)
  4. Activate your license for this extension. (for Activating Plugin License instructions click here)
  5. All setup!


Ok, I’m all setup now – How do I use it?

  1. Create a page Pages > Add New and make sure your page is set to “full width” or “no sidebar.” (This is a requirement for the project board to fit properly.)
  2. Then add the shortcode, [ DASPublicBoard ] or [ DASPrivateBoard ] to the content area or echo do_shortcode('[ DASPublicBoard ]'); or  echo do_shortcode('[ DASPrivateBoard ]'); for inclusion on a php file. If you are seeing strange spacing when adding our shortcode to the content area you may need to wrap the shortcode like this instead, [raw][ DASPrivateBoard ][/raw].
  3. Additionally, if you are using the Clean Theme or GQ Theme you can add the link to your public or private project board in the Clean Theme or GQ Theme settings area. A button will then show on that theme for your clients to click.

IMPORTANT: Make sure and remove the space before and after the name DASPrivateBoard in between the brackets when you copy and paste the example shortcode above to your site.