Feed Them Social 3.0 Major Changes

We will be revising this post with images in the next week or so depicting the new layout and look.

This is a notice to all Feed Them Social users that we will be making some major positive changes to the plugin in the upcoming months.

At the moment to create a feed you must get an access token on one page, then go to another page to create a shortcode. If you wanted to alter the shortcode you would have regenerate it by manually adding your selected options again. We realize this can be time consuming and demotivating when you have to update the access token in the shortcode each time it expires too.

So to make things easier we are going to be creating what is called a custom post type, and this new post type will contain all the options you need to create your feed. The shortcode you use will simply contain a custom post ID and that’s it. No more having to update options or access tokens in the shortcode.

Converting your old shortcode will be easy. Simply copy the old shortcode and add it to the new custom post type, doing so will map your old shortcode options to the input fields of the custom post type. Save the post and replace the old shortcode with the new one and you are done. If your shortcode does not contain the access token you will have to copy and paste that from the Facebook Options, Instagram Options etc pages to the custom post type you are working on.

Stay tuned for more details and thanks for using our plugins.