Instagram API Changes – Effective March 31, 2020

Notice: Starting March 31, 2020, Instagram will depreciate its old API. Our Feed Them Social plugin(s) supports the new API, however, in order for our users to access the new Instagram API you will need to reconnect your account with our new APP.

We are currently waiting for APP approval from Facebook. As soon as we are approved we will push the update for so you can reconnect your Instagram Account.

Connect your Instagram Account

1. Make sure you are running the latest version(s) of the Feed Them Social plugin(s). Free: v2.8.3.1

2. In your WordPress dashboard, go to Feed Them > Instagram Options

3. Click the white “Log in and get my Access Token” button

4. Log in to the Instagram account you would like to reconnect and authorize the plugin.

5. Create a new shortcode or update your existing shortcodes ID and or Access Token.

Instagram Basic Depreciated Changes

These features unfortunately have been retired in the new Instagram Basic API.

  • Header avatar and bio text are no longer available
  • Hearts and Comment Count

Instagram Business options still Available

The following features are still available, in the new API, when using an Instagram Business account.

  • Header avatar and bio text
  • Number of followers, posts, and following for an account
  • Hearts and comments count for media

Instagram Business and Hashtag Feed

You are able to display a hashtag feed within our Premium and Combined Streams plugins, but it does require a linked Facebook Business account. The changes mentioned above have no bearing on the Instagram Hashtag feed. Learn how to connect your Instagram account to Facebook so you can show a hashtag feed or your Instagram feed that will contain the amount of Likes, Comments and post count, unlike the Basic Instagram connection as mentioned above.

Acknowledging the Change

We are aware that our some of our users may not agree with these changes. We at SlickRemix want to let you know we have no say in the decisions¬† that Facebook makes. We do realize some of you will now be forced to have a Facebook Business account and also have to your Instagram account set to a Business profile to be able to use the new features through Facebook’s API.