Instagram API change on April 4th, 2018

Instagram Changes and what this means for you or your clients

Instagram decided to retire API endpoints without warning affecting parts of our plugin Feed Them Social. It will no longer be possible to display feeds of other users instagram accounts – only your own. Hashtag feeds and user accounts you have access to should still work. We apologize for an inconvenience and also for not being able to give you any prior warning to this happening due to instagram not giving us the chance. Please know we are diligently working on improving Feed Them Social to adapt to these changes.


Client Must Click Button to get Access Token

If you are the developer for a clients website and the Instagram feed is down you will need to contact your client and give them the link to the Instgram Options page in our plugin. Then they can click the button to get an access token and then click the Save all Changes button on the page, or you will need to have them give you login credentials to there Instagram account so you can do it for them. Unfortunately there is not other way since Instagram made these changes.


Have more than one Instagram Feed on your website?

You must have Feed Them Social version 2.4.0 Installed and activated for this to work. To create an additional feed go back the Instgram Options page of our plugin and make sure you are logged into that specific Instagram account then click the button again to get a new Access Token/ID. Remember to click the “Save all Changes” button and then return to the Settings page of our plugin and create your new shortcode. The new ID and Access token should already be in the input fields for you.

Thanks for your patience through this transition.

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