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Instagram API change on April 4th, 2018

Instagram Changes and what this means for you or your clients

Instagram decided to retire API endpoints without warning affecting parts of our plugin Feed Them Social. It will no longer be possible to display feeds of other users instagram accounts – only your own. Hashtag feeds and user accounts you have access to should still work. We apologize for an inconvenience and also for not being able to give you any prior warning to this happening due to instagram not giving us the chance. Please know we are diligently working on improving Feed Them Social to adapt to these changes.


Client Must Click Button to get Access Token

If you are the developer for a clients website and the Instagram feed is down you will need to contact your client and give them the link to the Instgram Options page in our plugin. Then they can click the button to get an access token and then click the Save all Changes button on the page, or you will need to have them give you login credentials to there Instagram account so you can do it for them. Unfortunately there is not other way since Instagram made these changes.


Have more than one Instagram Feed on your website?

You must have Feed Them Social version 2.4.0 Installed and activated for this to work. To create an additional feed go back the Instgram Options page of our plugin and make sure you are logged into that specific Instagram account then click the button again to get a new Access Token/ID. Remember to click the “Save all Changes” button and then return to the Settings page of our plugin and create your new shortcode. The new ID and Access token should already be in the input fields for you.

Thanks for your patience through this transition.

To get updates as we find out more information, be sure to Follow us on Twitter @SlickRemix or

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  1. This is cool that you’re trying to fix this, but my Facebook feed stopped working as well just today. Gimme a shout and let’s fix it (why are the forums closed??)

  2. I am considering purchasing the premium plugin. I’m a salon owner and my goal is to replace our dated staff bio pages with each team members Instagram feeds. They would all be on separate pages and can obtain login access for each user account.

    I tried inserting short codes for both my personal and our salon Instagram feeds on our site. I just read your post about the API change with Instagram. It says… “Hashtag feeds and user accounts you have access to should still work.” I have access to both accounts that I’m creating short codes for and can’t seem to get both feeds to work at the same time. Curious if multiple feeds are a premium feature?

    I’m looking for a stable solution and I’m more than willing to pay. We add team members to our site often and I need a go-to plugin that always works. Any advice or help is greatly appreciated.

    Sara Domi

    • Sara,

      Thanks for contacting us. At this time we are working on a method that will allow you to add more than one Instagram feed to your site. Basically when the work is complete on our end you will go to the Instagram options and click the “Login and get My Access Token” button, after that you will copy that token and add it to your shortcode like this… access_token=thenYourAccessToken. We’ll follow up here and post instructions once the work is completed on our end. If anyone else is having issues and needs help please contact us at support @ for further assistance.


  3. Spencer,

    Thanks for the quick response. I am able to add multiple hashtag feeds to my site, just not user profiles. Which will work for now. I can use a clickable screen shot of their instagram header above the hashtag feed until it gets resolved. Thanks again for your help.

  4. Hi,
    I am a developer, my client had saved the access token in instagram option page of FTS plugin and it is showing “Your access token is working! Generate your shortcode on the settings page.”. But when i generated and used the short code from the ID(first part of access token), feeds are not showing.

    there is “To see the Instagram feed you need to add your own API Token to the Instagram Options page of our plugin.” message in place of feeds

    am i missing something? any help will be great.


  5. Hi, it will no longer be possible to display feeds of other users instagram accounts at all or you think that you will and can find a workaround for this?


    • The only way to show someone else’s Instagram account is to have there access token. If you have access to that instagram account then make sure you are logged into it before clicking the button to get the Access Token on the Instagram Options page of our plugin or the owner of the account can click the button if they don’t want to give you there Instagram login info. Once that has been done and you want to add more than one feed to a site or page you simply add access_token=theTokenhere to your shortcode along with that person’s instagram ID. There is no other way at the moment besides that to show other users Instagram accounts unfortunately.

  6. Hi, we were using your Plugin on a client website to “feed Instagram photos from anyone who posted to their instagram account with a particular hashtag that we were promoting the use of’. Do you know of any other way or any other Plugin that will do this? Or has the Instagram changes simply made it impossible for anyone (any Developer) to do now?
    Thanks in advance,

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