Underscore Required In Shortcodes

Urgent Update Required

Do you have our Feed Them Social, Custom Google Plus Feed or Basecamp WordPress plugin installed? If so please read below as some important edits are required.
If you are using our plugins and have updated them or updated your WordPress to version 4.4 then you will notice all that appears is the shortcode on the page and not the feed. WordPress now requires that no spaces be between words in a shortcode and unfortunately we don’t have a work around other than to make a simple edit to any shortcodes you may have created with our plugin(s). Below are the necessary steps you should take to get back on track.INSTRUCTIONS:
First, if you are using any of our plugins make sure you are running the latest Free and or Premium version of that plugin listed below.Feed Them Social 1.9.3
Feed Them Premium 1.5.4
FTS Facebook Reviews 1.0.1
Custom Google Plus Feed 1.0.1
BaseCamp Feed 1.0.2

Now find your shortcode(s) and add an underscore at the beginning. For instance if you have a shortcode like this…. [fts facebook id=gopro … You would want to add an underscore between the fts and facebook, like this… [fts_facebook id=gopro. The only place you need to add an underscore is at the beginning of the shortcode.

Below are examples of what you should have in place after updating our plugins.




Find and Replace Option
If you have a lot of shortcodes all over your site a simple fix is to install a find and replace plugin. If you have hardcoded any do_shortcode functions to any template files this option will not work and I would suggest just doing a simple find and replace on your local computer of all the files you may have our shortcode on. 

This find and replace option will replace all instances of the issue in one click (recommend you backup database first). So you would search [fts facebook and replace with [fts_facebook or whatever shortcode you are using. We’ve done this many times before with no issues. Here is the plugin we use https://wordpress.org/plugins/better-search-replace/ . See screen shot of settings too if you need further help. 

We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and hope you are able to get back up and running with little effort. Thank-fully the latest version of our plugins has the underscore fix in place already if you decide to generate a new shortcode from the settings page. If you are still having problems or need further support please don’t hesitate to contact us on our support forum.

SlickRemix Team