Doc It

As of 2017 we have stopped development of this plugin do to lack of popularity. We have left the docs here for existing users.

Doc It is a FREE WordPress Plugin for creating documentation. With this plugin you can organize your documentation for whatever it is you need to tell people about. For instance, if you sell plugins and need to explain how it all works, or you have a book and want to create an index of chapters, a list a video games information, or a restaurant menu.

From a simple sidebar to easy to use color changing options for how the documentation looks, and even navigational breadcrumbs, this plugin adds all of the features one might need to put together amazing documentation!

It will only take a few minutes to get started!

Final Thought: How ironic if you think about it. We developed a plugin to easily help document information, and we are using it to document this plugin. So to see an example of our plugin just click through the menu next to the content here.

Download Here