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Bonus Options

Rearranging a Doc It Sidebar

In this tutorial we will explain how to rearrange the documents and categories of the documentation items you have created in the sidebar. **NOTE** It is a good idea to open the dashboard in one browser tab and the page with the sidebar menu you are trying to edit in another browser tab. This way you…

Color your Code

These are the languages you can use when adding code to the Doc It plugin. You will also find an example of how to use it below. To use this feature just check the option in the settings page and save. It ‘s the last option on the page. Example usage Below is an example…

Additional Settings

Depicted below are some more settings options. Basically these are in place so you can make your Documentation display on the page nicely. And for those who know how to add custom css to change things, we made a custom CSS box just for you. Check the box to turn ON the custom padding option…

Shortcode for Video Pop-up

To create a Pop-up for Vimeo and Youtube videos you can now use this shortcode. [di-video][/di-video] Simply place the Iframe code in between the shortcode to generate the pop-up. Here is an example of shortcode and the pop-up in action: [di-video] <iframe src=”” height=”350″ width=”800″ allowfullscreen= frameborder=”0″></iframe> [/di-video]