1. Where does Feed Them Social get it’s Data from?
Feed Them Social uses the authorized Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Pinterest’s API’s to retrieve data for creating feeds.

2. What kind of Data is accessed?
Feed Them Social retrieves data only retrieves data which is publicly available through your social network accounts and is only used to generate the feeds for displaying.

3. Is the data stored anywhere?
Yes, the Data collected is stored (cached) in your database temporarily only for page loading and user experience. After the length of time set on the Global Options tab under the settings page of the Feed Them Tab, the data row in the database will expire and should be deleted upon next retrieval of the feed. Our plugin does not use cookies.

4. Does SlickRemix collect my information when I create feeds?
No, we do not collect any data from the generated feeds. You will notice though when generating some of the social networks Access tokens that you may be momentarily re-directed to slickremix.com for authorization. This is strictly a page used by Facebook and Instagram to verify that our Application is valid. At that time we are only passing through the data to the respective social networks and are not collecting any of that information beyond the authorization session.

5. Will the data be sent Third-Party Services?
We never share your information with third party services beyond making the connection to a social network to retrieve the public data for a feed. SlickRemix will never share your or sell any data with Third-Party Services!

6. Can I revoke access to a social network ?
This be done by configuring your privacy settings on the social network you are using. Any users that may show up in the feeds that wish to have their content removed from your site can also do so by either removing their content or changing the privacy settings for that post on corresponding social network.

Final Thoughts
We at SlickRemix believe personal information and privacy are an important part of the internet. As we move into the future, we will continue to make sure our products are using safe methods and effective methods to protect yours and others personal information. We’ll also work towards giving our plugin users even more control over the data.