Feed Them Social WordPress Plugin

Here is a demo link to our fast growing [...]

Design Approval System is changing the world!

Wait, What is Design Approval System? Design Approval System is a FREE WordPress plugin built for you to get your work approved by clients. Design Approval [...]

DAS Error on Install regarding template creation

If you have just installed the Design Approval System FREE wordpress plugin and received and error something similar to any of the examples below you will need [...]

Design Approval System in 55 best wordpress plugins by Splash Magazine

The Design Approval System made the list of some of the most useful and powerful WordPress plugins to date. From social to newsletters, these plugins are [...]

DAS Project Board Tutorial

To make the project board appear please follow these 6 simple steps. 1. Make a design post. 2. Most Important: Fill out the client name on the [...]

How to use WordPress to Manage your Clients by Matthew Tschoegl

Using our Design Approval System, Matthew Tschoegl has written his own review with screenshots and details regarding the plugins functionality and just how [...]

Design Approval System WordPress Plugin Review by Tech 24 Hours

A very detailed review of our Design Approval System by Tech 24 Hours. A complete run down of all its features and benefits you will receive from using DAS. [...]

Vladimir Prevolac Review

Feed Them Social becomes an upcoming star in a new review by Vladimir [...]

Get your Instagram Name and Convert to ID

NOTE: As of June 1st, 2016 this method no longer works. Please go here and see how to get a new Token and how to get your ID [...]

How to get your Twitter name

This post was written for those who need to retrieve a Twitter name for our Wordpress Plugin, Feed Them Social. These instructions also apply to anyone trying [...]

How to get your facebook event ID

This post was written for people who need to find the Facebook Event ID for our plugin Feed Them Social. Simply find the url for the facebook page event or [...]

How to get your Facebook Group ID

This post was written for those who need to retrieve a Facebook Group ID for our Wordpress Plugin, Feed Them Social. These instructions also apply to [...]

$100 Design Contest!

In celebration of the 2k downloads of our plugin, We are now looking for a Designer to create ONE amazing new theme for our Design Approval System. We want to [...]

Holiday Hookup

Happy Holidays! 50% off our Bundle. That's $30 bucks for all the plugins we have for our Design Approval System! Use the coupon code: holidayhookup on [...]

Cordova InAppPurchaseManager Problems?

I have had so many issues getting the OG version to work, I had to share this so others can stop struggling and get to work! Here is a modifed working version [...]