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About DAS Custom Emails

This plugin was design to allow you to customize the emails sent out by the Design Approval System plugin. Our goal is to give our DAS Admins even more control over the branding of the Design Approval System to have the style and functionality it needs to look amazing.

In this extension you can customize the following emails:
New Client EmailSent to the notifying them about their recent sign-up on your approval system
New Design Email – Sent designers and clients when a new design has been created.
The Designer’s “Approved Design Email” – Sent to designers when a design has been approved.
The Client’s “Approved Design Email” – Sent to clients after a design has been approved.
The Designer’s “Design Changes Email” – Sent to the designer when a client has commented or requested changes for design.
The Client’s “Design Changes Email” – Sent after a client has commented or requested changes for design.

Other features include:

  • Brand Email with your Logo or Text Title
  • Easily Change Email Template Colors.
  • Adjust Font Sizes
  • Add Custom Footer Text

What you need to know before starting.

You are going to need to install and have activated the Design Approval System, Free Version. It must be version 4.2.5 or above.

How do I setup DAS Custom Email Extension?

  1. Start by purchasing DAS Custom Email Extension.
  2. After purchase, Download the extension from your My Account page.
  3. Upload and activate plugin to WordPress install. For install instructions click here.
  4. Activate your license for this extension. For Activating Plugin License instructions click here
  5. All setup!