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Activating Plugin Licenses

To activate a plugin license do the following

  1. Make sure to read the email you received upon purchase before continuing. It is required that you download and active the premium version first. Make sure and leave the free version activated too.
  2. Log into the WordPress dashboard where you are trying to activate the plugin license.
  3. On the dashboard, hover or click the “Feed Them” tab.
  4. Click “Plugin License“.
  5. Locate the license for plugin you want to activate. (You can find your license under your “My Account” page on our website.)
  6. Add the License key to the input labeled for the plugin you are trying to activate.
  7. Now click the Save Changes button.

If your License is activated it will say “License Key Active.” If you are having trouble activating your license key or cannot locate one after your purchase, please email us your proof of purchase and we’ll gladly help resolve your issue.