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Custom CSS to Remove extra Plus & Minus buttons

This example will remove the extra plus and minus buttons you may see. Some themes do not add this option so we added in our plugin, but some themes do so this little bit of CSS should do the trick to make things look proper again. Of course if this does not work please use the Support menu option on our site and someone will be happy to assist further.

Add the CSS below the photo to the Custom CSS box on the Settings > Global Options page of our plugin and then click save changes at the bottom of the page.

.ft-wp-gallery div form.cart div.quantity {width: 130px !important;}
.ft-wp-gallery div .quantity input[type=button].minus:nth-of-type(2),
.ft-wp-gallery div .quantity input[type=button].plus:nth-of-type(4) {display:none !important;}