Using Custom Google Plus Feed

Translating our Plugin

You can find the Site Language select option in your wordpress admin under Settings / General If you would like to translate our plugin just make sure the files you have added to translate your wordpress in the wp-content/languages folder are named, for example, and nl_NL.po Our plugin will look in our languages folder […]

Step 1: Get API Key for Google

In order for you to get the Google feed working you need an API Key. Here is the process to obtain that. You can watch this quick setup to do that and or read through the steps below. Go to this link and login or create an account if necessary then you’ll want to click on the CREATE PROJECT menu […]

Step 2: Create a Social Feed

Once the Custom Google Plus Feed plugin is installed you need to start by filling out some options on the settings page. Here is how: Make sure you are logged into the admin account on your WordPress Install. On your Dashboard click or hover over the tab “Google Feed“. Click “Settings“. Click on the select option near […]

Step 3: Add Feed to a Widget, Page or Post

Now we are going to add our shortcode, you should have copied from the settings, page to a Page or Post in wordpress.  Here is how: Create a New Page, Post or Text Widget. Paste the shortcode you created and copied from the settings page to the text area of the Page or Post you just made, […]

Google Options

On this page you can choose whether to show the Follow button or not. Show it above or below the feed, or even hide the follow count. You can also change many color aspects of the feed too. Last but and most important is the Google API key you need to have set for the […]

Custom CSS Option

With this option you can add you own CSS,  as depicted below, to change the look of any of your feeds. You must know how to code CSS to utilize this area properly. For advanced developers only.  

Powered By Text

This option allows you to remove or keep the Powered By Google Plus Feed text that will appear below all social feeds from us. This option is not checked by default. If you would like to remove this text please follow the steps below. Log into your WordPress install. Click the Google Feed menu tab. Check […]

How to get your Google Plus ID

Google+ ID To get your profile or page ID simply go to your Google+ page on Next you will need to copy the name in the url like this. In this case GoPro’s Page ID is +GoPro.   Or if your ID is not a nice name here is an example if the ID number to copy in […]