Design Approval System Plugin

Design Template Options

You can change the colors of the site, add custom CSS and even change the titles and colors of the design post. Below are some photos of the settings page.    Custom Options If you would rather not show clients the header and footer of your site this handy little tricks will hide all but […]

Design Login Option

By Default all users are required to login before viewing designs unless checked on the settings page. This is great for keeping these posts private and from being tracked by search engines. Create a user for your client on the front end of DAS, this will send your client an email with wordpress login details. […]

Terms Describing DAS

This is a list of Terms we use to describe the Design Approval System and its parts: Front-End The front of your website that DAS is installed on. NOT the WordPress Dashboard. Back-End The WordPress Dashboard. Front End Manager This is the area where admin and designers can Create New Customers, Create Projects and view all […]

The Project Board

If you have completed Steps 1-3  you should see your Project Board and it’s options. Below is an example with a few more projects and designs setup. The ones with stars have been approved. As you can see you can Edit, Trash, View the details of a project and much more. We like the search […]

Step 1: Add options to the settings page

Once the DAS plugin is installed you need to start by filling out some options on the ‘Settings’ page. Here’s how: Make sure you are logged into the admin account on your WordPress Install. On your Dashboard click or hover over the tab ‘DAS.’ Click ‘Settings.’ Fill out ‘Company Name.’ This is the Name that will […]

Step 2: Adding Users & The Front End Manger Shortcode

Is this step you will learn how to setup the DAS Client and DAS Designer users. You as the Admin must add a New DAS Designer by going to the menu option Users / Add New, as shown in the photo below. In this step you are going to setup your DAS Designer. If you […]

Step 3: Create a New Project and Design Post

We have made this very simple with our Front End Manager. Assuming you have added the proper shortcode to your page to see the tabs, please click on the tab that says ‘Create New Project. ‘ Here you will add a custom Order Number or Design Name. Then you will want to Create a Company Name the […]

Step 4: Review the Design

In this step you will be reviewing the design and the info you have just added, making sure everything is correct. If everything is perfect click the ‘Send Email’ button in the box called Project Details in the bottom left corner of the template. This will send an email to your client with a link […]

Step 5: Edit Design Post

Click the Edit Post link located in the lower left hand corner, just before the Send Email link. After clicking the ‘Edit’ button you will be directed back to the Create New Project tab where you can edit the post as depicted below. Click the ‘Update Post’ button and you should get a success message and be […]

Getting Started with DAS

  DAS or Design Approval System is a flexible, simple but robust design management system to help design companies get their projects approved by clients while keeping projects organized. What the Main Design Template does. Custom Design Approval Template made to fit in your theme. Fully responsive for Desktops, Tablets and Mobile devices. Once logged […]

Adding DAS to your wordpress

Install from WordPress Dashboard Log into WordPress dashboard then click Plugins > Add new > Then next to the title ‘Add Plugins’ click Upload Plugin > choose the zip > Activate the plugin. Install from FTP Extract the zip file and drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation and then activate the Plugin from Plugins page.