Step by Step Setup

Step 1: Creating an Item to Document

The first thing you need to do is create an item to document. Basically, this is just a title we use to create the menu item for your WordPress Dashboard under the “Doc It” tab. For example, we want to make documentation for a WordPress plugin called “Design Approval System“. Follow the steps below to […]

Step 2: Creating an Introduction Post

The second step of the process is to create an Introduction Post. The Introduction Post is used as the “Front Page” of a Documentation item you have created. Every Documentation item you create may have its own Introduction Post. This is great way to give a brief summary of the things you are documenting. It […]

Step 3: Make the Categories

Next we we are going to make the categories that will make up your Documentations Item’s menu. You will be able to create menus up to 3 categories deep. Each Category may have Document posts attached to them. Here is an example of what we mean Main Category Name [REQUIRED] – Sub Category Name (Parent […]

Step 4: Making the Document posts

In this fourth step we are going to make Document Posts. Document posts are the posts where you actually are going to document what it is you want to tell people about. You will see these posts under the categories in the sidebar. Login to you WordPress Dashboard. Click “Doc It” tab. Click “Documents“. (under […]

Step 5: Generate the Shortcode & Page

Now that we have the introduction page made we will now create the shortcode. This is the step where you will choose the Introduction Post you created in step 2. Login to you WordPress Dashboard. Click “Doc It” tab. Click “Settings“. (under Doc It Tab) Under step “2.” you will select the name you created […]