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Additional Options

Customize Pagination

You must have Feed Them Gallery and the premium version installed to achieve this. Under a gallery you have created click on the Pagination tab. These are the options you should see under this tab. Here is an image example of what your galleries pagination can look like, also see live example.

Custom CSS for Popup

This example will remove any black space around the photo in the popup. This is useful if you are only trying to show smaller images. Add the CSS below the photo to the Custom CSS box on the Settings > Global Options page of our plugin and then click save changes at the bottom of…

Global Settings Options

Below is a list of our Settings page options and a brief description about each option. Below that is a photo you can click on or zoom in on to view the actual settings. If you choose to use our plugin and not sell photos the Woocommerce option will not be visible and the plugin…