Other Options

Overriding Templates

Overriding default templates by Creating a new Template file in your theme. Why do it? By overriding the default templates you can edit the template(s) safely without having to worry if our plugin updates are going to erase your changes to them. How to do it. First, we need to start by creating a folder […]

Tags for Images & Galleries

In this document you will learn how you can add Image tags and Gallery tags to better enhance your users experience. On any gallery you have created you should see an option on the right side under the update button where you can add Gallery Tags. When editing any of the images under a Gallery […]

How to create Albums

In this document we will be showing you how easy it is to create an album and style it. If you have not created any galleries yet please get started here before trying to create an album. You must have Feed Them Gallery and the premium version installed to achieve this. Under the FT Gallery […]


In this tab on your gallery page you can do a number of things to protect your images if you so wish. We list and describe them below. This is not foolproof we are aware of this however this first setting will disable the right click option on desktop computers so people cannot look at […]


From the Images tab you can click Zip Gallery & Download and it will create a list on the ZIPS tab for you to view them, download or create a product. This button will create a zip of all the full size images in this gallery on the ZIPs tab and then download a zip […]

Updating Extensions

If you aren’t getting notifications or are having troubles updating your SlickRemix extensions please go to your My Account page and download the latest versions by clicking on the “Downloads” tab in the left sidebar of the page. After you have download the ZIP’s please go to your WordPress install’s Dashboard then to the “Plugins” […]