Using Feed Them Gallery

Step 1: Settings page

Before creating your first gallery you may want to look over the Settings page options and choose anything that has to do with file renaming because that happens when you upload your images for the first time. You will find that option under the Attachment File & Title Renaming area of the Settings page. It is not […]

Step 2: Create New Image Gallery

First add a Title for your gallery. Drag and drop the images you would like to add to your gallery in the “Drop images here” area on the page. You can also use the “Select Images” button to choose images from your desktop, or you can click the “Add Media” button to add images you […]

Step 3: Choose layout and color options

You’ll want to choose your gallery format now and any other options you would like to customize the look of your gallery. You can do this by clicking the “Layout” tab on the left tab menu. We currently have 4 different gallery formats. Even though we only have 4, you can do so much with […]

Step 4: View your gallery

Now you can create a new page, post or text widget for a sidebar and add the gallery shortcode. Start by clicking Add New under the Pages menu option then click the “Add FT Gallery” button right above the text editor. That will open up a list of all your galleries. From there you can […]

Global Settings Options

Below is a list of our Settings page options and a brief description about each option. Below that is a photo you can click on or zoom in on to view the actual settings. If you choose to use our plugin and not sell photos the Woocommerce option will not be visible and the plugin […]

Create Woocommerce Products from Images

If you want to sell your individual photos or gallery of photos you’ll want to have Woocommerce installed and activated first. Once you have done that all the Woocommerce options will appear in our plugin. Below we will list of the options and capabilities of our plugin along with Woocommerce. You will find these option […]


In this tab on your gallery page you can do a number of things to protect your images if you so wish. We list and describe them below. This is not foolproof we are aware of this however this first setting will disable the right click option on desktop computers so people cannot look at […]


From the Images tab you can click Zip Gallery & Download and it will create a list on the ZIPS tab for you to view them, download or create a product. This button will create a zip of all the full size images in this gallery on the ZIPs tab and then download a zip […]