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Feed Them Social Combined Streams



Welcome to our tutorial on getting your Combined Streams premium plugin setup and the limitations of the plugin.

To start we’ll explain the limitation of the plugin at this point. In the coming months we will be adding more functionality but for now here is what you can do.


What the Combined Streams, and Combined Facebook Streams can do.

  1. All social network posts are in date order.
  2. Choose the number of posts to show for each social network and the total posts.
  3. 2 different ways to style the header of each post.
  4. Set the height to create a scrolling feed.
  5. Choose the number of words to show for each post.
  6. All Feeds display photos and description if available.
  7. All Feeds can show Uploaded videos, Soundcloud, Youtube and Vimeo videos and more.
  8. Option to Display Posts In a Grid Style format (side by side).


Combined Streams Options

You can mix ONE of each social account in a Combined Stream feed below. You cannot for instance have 2 facebook accounts and a twitter account combined. In our next update we will be extending this. The popup and loadmore option is not available yet for the Combined Stream type.

  1. One Facebook Page account
  2. One Instagram account
  3. One Twitter account
  4. One Youtube account
    a. User’s Most Recent Videos
    b. User’s Specific Playlist
    c. Channel Feed
    d. Channel’s Specific Playlist

Combined Streams Demo All Shortcode Options Purchase


Creating your Feed

  1. REQUIRED: Figure out what Social networks you want to display in your feed. We offer Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. Once you figure out the social networks you want to use you will need to go to the options page for each social network and add your access token. For instance if you want to combine a Facebook and Instagram feed you need to go to the Facebook Options page of our plugin and click the button to get your access token. The same for Instagram too. You will go to the Instagram Options page and click the button to get your access token. In any case you will need to visit one of the options pages below and enter your Access Token. In the future we will try and simplify this process.
    a. Facebook Options
    b. Instagram Options
    c. Twitter Options
    d. Youtube Options
  2. Now, go to the settings page and choose Combine Feeds from the select option at the top of the page and create the shortcode.
  3. Enter the Combined Total # of Posts.
  4. Then enter the # of Posts per Social Network. So for instance, say I want to combine 3 social networks and I want to show 2 posts from each social network. I would enter 6 for the # of posts, and 2 for the # of Posts per Social Network. To break it down in math 3 social networks X’s 2 posts per social network = 6.
  5. After you have created the shortcode you can paste it to any page, post, custom post type or widget.
  6. View your feed and have a great day!


Additional Notes

Your feed will cache the first time it loads making it the page load faster the next time around. The feeds cache will empty every 20 minutes or so and display the latest posts. This is so you don’t max out your access tokens and it will help speed up the load time on your site.