Feed Them Social Extensions

Responsive Grid CSS

We have had many requests to make the grid feed responsive. Until we find the time to create these shortcode options you can add this CSS to the Custom CSS option on the Settings > Global Options page of our plugin. This css will give you 3 posts on a row. When the browser gets […]

Feed Them Social Combined Streams

Intro Welcome to our tutorial on getting your Combined Streams premium plugin setup and the limitations of the plugin. To start we’ll explain the limitation of the plugin at this point. In the coming months we will be adding more functionality but for now here is what you can do. Features What the Combined Streams, […]

Activating Plugin Licenses

To activate a plugin license do the following Make sure to read the email you received upon purchase before continuing. It is required that you download and active the premium version first. Make sure and leave the free version activated too. Log into the WordPress dashboard where you are trying to activate the plugin license. […]

Feed Them Social Premium

Are you using Feed Them Social for WordPress and want to take it to the next level? If so, this Premium Extension is just what you are looking for. Feed Them Premium will give you the ability to add more posts to each feed, customize the word amount, and even add widgets. You can also add feeds for YouTube and […]

Facebook Page Reviews

  How do I setup the Facebook Reviews extension Start by purchasing FTS Facebook Reviews. After purchase, Download the zip extension from your “My Account” page on our website or the email you may have received. Upload and activate plugin to WordPress install. For install instructions click here Activate your license for this extension. For Activating Plugin License instructions click here […]

Feed Them Social Bar

  What you need to know before starting. You are going to need to install and have activated the Feed Them Social plugin (free version) AND Feed Them Social Premium.   How do I setup the FTS Bar plugin Start by purchasing FTS Bar. After purchase, Download the extension or bundle from your “My Account” page […]