Facebook Page missing in the list of page tokens

If you have clicked the button on the Facebook Options page of our plugin and it’s not returning the Facebook Page you need an Access Token for then this post is for you. Usually we see this happen if you have previously clicked the button to get an access token and approved our SlickRemix app […]

Updating Extensions

If you aren’t getting notifications or are having troubles updating your SlickRemix extensions please go to your My Account page and download the latest versions by clicking on the “Downloads” tab in the left sidebar of the page. After you have download the ZIP’s please go to your WordPress install’s Dashboard then to the “Plugins” […]

System Info Page

How to get the Report Click on the Feed Them menu tab. Now click on the System Info menu link. Now click the box and copy the report. You will need to paste this information along with your support question.  

How to get your Facebook ID

Get Your Facebook Page ID To get the page ID simply go to your Facebook page on Facebook. Next you will need to copy the name in the url like this. In this case GoPro’s Page ID is gopro. You cannot use Personal Profiles it must be a Facebook Page. If your page ID looks […]

Free and Premium Options

Below are the Free and Premium version shortcode options. Our shortcode generator in the plugin has a description for all the options and will automatically output the shortcode options you need and compile the shortcode. But, we’ll just leave this here anyway if you would like to browse the features available 🙂 1. Facebook Feed Shortcode […]

How to get your Facebook photo gallery ID, hashtag etc

Facebook Single Photo Gallery ID To get the gallery ID simply go to your albums on facebook. Then click on your favorite album. Next you will need to copy the numbers in the url like this.     Facebook Album Covers ID To use our facebook album covers feed simply enter your page name and […]

Feed Them Social Support

For help, questions, or support for Feed Them Social please visit Support. We usually respond within a few hours during the weekdays.