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Feed Them Social Bar


What you need to know before starting.

You are going to need to install and have activated the Feed Them Social plugin (free version) AND Feed Them Social Premium.


How do I setup the FTS Bar plugin

  1. Start by purchasing FTS Bar.
  2. After purchase, Download the extension or bundle from your “My Account” page or the email you may have received.
  3. Upload and activate plugin to WordPress install. (for install instructions click here)
  4. Activate your license for this extension. (for Activating Plugin License instructions click here)
  5. All setup!


Ok, I’m all setup now – How do I use it?

  1. Start by going to the FTS Bar Settings under the Feed Them menu tab in the admin of your wordpress.
  2. Next check the box next to the Social Feeds/Icons you would like to see visible on the front
  3. Click the options box so you can fill in the required settings for that Social Feed. 
  4. Now check whether or not you would like to see the FTS Bar on Posts, Pages or Custom Post
  5. Click the red ‘Save All Settings’ button and that’s it you are done. You can view examples of the Feeds below the Additional Options.


Additional Options

Additionally you can choose whether to show the Social Feed at the set width or a custom one of your choice. If you type in 100% the Social Feed will cover the entire screen.

custom-options custom-colors


Below you can see examples of how each feed can look on your website. Here is our demo page.

All Tabs Closed:


Facebook Tab Open:


Twitter Tab Open:


Instagram Tab Open: