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Global Settings Options

Below is a list of our Settings page options and a brief description about each option. Below that is a photo you can click on or zoom in on to view the actual settings. If you choose to use our plugin and not sell photos the Woocommerce option will not be visible and the plugin will still work great!

Woocommerce Option: Product Creation

Checkbox: Attach Product to a Category named after Gallery

Woocommerce Option: Add to Cart Button Functionality

radio option: (Default) Take Customers to product page. (Doesn’t add product to cart)
radio option: Add product to cart. (Adds product to cart but doesn’t take them to checkout.) This will not work if your product has required variations.
radio option: Add product to cart and take them directly to checkout. This will not work if your product has required variations.

Custom CSS Option

With this option you can add your own custom css to make changes or overrides. This CSS will appear in the header of your theme.

Gallery Color Options

Here you can set the color for the text, link, links hover and the date color. These are global options and will take effect on all your galleries.

Attachment File & Title Renaming [on upload]

Use attachment renaming when importing/uploading attachments. This will overwrite original Filename.
**NOTE** Filename renaming your Gallery’s attachments will always include the ID and change the Titles of each attachment. You can see format options in the image below.

Date Options for Images

Set the date format and timezone for your images. You can also set a format for 1 day ago and translate the words for this option.

Disable Magnific Popup CSS

Some themes come preloaded with the magnific popup css stylesheet, so we offer an option to remove ours if yours is already loading on your website pages.

Disable Duplicate Gallery Option

If you already have a duplicate post plugin installed you can check this option to disable our pre installed function to do so.

Admin Menu Bar Option

If you are logged in as an admin and have the admin bar on the top of your website, you should also see our menu item called Feed Them Gallery up there now too. Check this option to remove that menu item.

Powered by Text

This will disable the Powered by Feed Them Gallery text that appears at the bottom of the popup. Just something we add because in some cases people will want to help promote us.