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How to create Albums

In this document we will be showing you how easy it is to create an album and style it. If you have not created any galleries yet please get started here before trying to create an album.

  1. You must have Feed Them Gallery and the premium version installed to achieve this.
  2. Under the FT Gallery menu click on the Albums menu option then click the Add Album button
  3. Once that is done you want to give your Album a title and choose any other options you want for the Layout, Colors and Pagination tabs. After you are done make sure and click the blue Publish button.
  4. You will see a list of all your Galleries and all you need to do is select the ones you want to add in your album and click on the Add Galleries to Album button then either refresh the page or click the blue Update buttonHere you can see what it should look like after you have clicked the Add Galleries to Album button.

    Here is what it should look like after you have refreshed the page.

  5. Once you have done that you can drag the galleries into whatever order you would like.
  6. Finally click View Album button in your top admin menu bar to see your new Album. Depending on your layout and color options it could be different of course. However below are the 3 different looks on how you can display the galleries name with image count. Options include: top, bottom or middle.