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Overriding Templates

Overriding default templates by Creating a new Template file in your theme.

Why do it?

By overriding the default templates you can edit the template(s) safely without having to worry if our plugin updates are going to erase your changes to them.

How to do it.

First, we need to start by creating a folder in your theme or child theme root.

Please note:

  • The folder/directory must be located in the Theme or Child Themes root.
  • The folder/directory must be named ft-gallery exactly.

Next, You’ll need to copy the template file for the template you are trying you want to customize. **WARNING:** DO NOT delete or remove the file(s) you are about to copy if you do the Feed Them Gallery plugin will not have a fallback template and this could cause errors on your website.

Go to the root of your WordPress via FTP and wp-content > plugins > feed-them-gallery > templates > now select and copy the file for the template.

For Galleries template:

  • Copy gallery-template.php

For Albums template:

  • Copy album-template.php

For Tags template:

  • Copy archive-ftg-tags.php

Now paste this file into the folder we created in your themes root called ft-gallery.

That’s it! Your new template file(s) will now override the default templates the Feed Them Gallery plugin was using. If you decide you want to go back to using the default templates just delete the custom template file and it should return to using the plugins default template.

It Didn’t work?!

If you aren’t seeing the changes be sure you put the folder on the root of the theme or child theme and make sure that is the theme you currently have active.