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Step 4: Adding & Removing Clients in Galleries/Albums

Now that you have added a Client or Clients to your website you can attach them to a Gallery and or Album and Invite them to view the Gallery or Album. This is how you do that.

  1. Create a new Gallery, Album or choose an existing one.
  2. Now under that Gallery or Album click the Clients tab. See image below for reference.
  3. Then use the “Add Clients to Gallery” option and select the client you want to add. You may add as many clients as you need.
  4. Lastly, click the “Send Invite” link to the right of the Client’s name, under the Actions column.. This will email them the link to the restricted gallery.

Adding Clients and the Send Invite Email link

The Gallery Invite email can be customized under the Settings > Email tab of our plugin. This is the email that gets sent when you click the Send Invite link.

Gallery Invite Email

Once an Invite email has been sent the Send Invite link will change to “Resend Invite” giving you the chance to resend the email for any reason.

Resend Invite email link

Notify Updated

We have also created a “Notify Updated” link option for those who might need to make changes to a gallery the client has already viewed. You can customize the text for this email so the client knows that changes have been made and to re-review the Gallery. This email can also be customized under the Settings > Emails tab of our plugin.

Notify Update email link

Remove Client

If you need to remove a Client from a Gallery or Album all you have to do is click the “Remove” link in the Actions column for that Client. Once you have removed a Client they will no longer be able to access that Gallery or Album. Any Client that is removed from a Gallery/Album will be redirected to the login page if they try and access the page again.

Removing Clients

All of these Actions and Email options are identical for Albums.