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Step 4: View your gallery

Now you can create a new page, post or text widget for a sidebar and add the gallery shortcode.

  1. Start by clicking Add New under the Pages menu option then click the “Add FT Gallery” button right above the text editor. That will open up a list of all your galleries.
  2. From there you can click on one or multiple galleries, then choose to add the gallery title in an h tag and or align the title too. Finally click the blue insert button at the bottom right of the popup.
  3. Now you will see your gallery name and gallery shortcode in the textarea. To view your gallery click the View Page menu option at the top of your page.

Additional Shortcode Options

You can also copy the shortcode that appears on your gallery page or the gallery list page.

  • Gallery page shortcode.
  • List of Galleries shortcodes
  • Add your gallery to a text widget.