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Step 5: Client Details

In this step we are going to go over the Client details and the options that are currently available. If you look in the menu of our plugin you will see a Clients menu Option. When you click the Clients menu link you will see a list of all the clients you have added to a Galleries and or Albums. Note: If a WordPress User/Client has not been added to at least one gallery they will not show up in the list.

If you see a dash  — in the Galleries column that means there is more than one Gallery or Album the assigned to that Client.

Clients list view

Viewing a Client’s Profile

By clicking on a client’s name from the Client list you will be directed to the details about that client. You will see a profile image, the client’s name,  email and more. Also included is a list of Galleries/Albums the client is assigned to. You will also see a link option to send the Introduction Email. If you have already sent this to the client when you setup the user then you will see a link that says Resend Introduction Email.  You can easily resend a Gallery Invite and a Notify Updated email for each Gallery or Album too.

Client Details

How to Remove Client’s from a Gallery or Album

If you are viewing a Client’s Detail page and decide you want to remove him/her from a particular gallery or Album all you have to do is click the red Remove link.

Client Details

Adding Notes to a Client’s Profile

If you send email notifications to your client such as the Introduction email or the Gallery invite etc. this will be recorded here so you can verify that you have successfully sent these emails. You may also need to add some basic information or notes on a client. Maybe they have special instructions you don’t want to forget? You can do this from the Notes menu tab under that Client’s Details page. You can also edit or delete notes if necessary.

Client Notes

Deleting Client’s Profile and User

When viewing a Client’s Details you will see a menu tab called Delete. Here you can remove this user and it’s data if necessary.

If you want to delete them completely from both Feed Them Gallery and WordPress then check the box “Delete associated WordPress user account?”NOTE: If you are using WooCommerce or another plugin that is using the WordPress user to handle information then this is NOT recommended.

Delete User

And that’s all Folks! Thanks for reading through our documentation on the Client Manager Extension for Feed Them Gallery. We wish you success in however you decide to utilize our plugin. Have an amazing day.