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Tags for Images & Galleries

In this document you will learn how you can add Image tags and Gallery tags to better enhance your users experience.

  1. On any gallery you have created you should see an option on the right side under the update button where you can add Gallery Tags.
  2. When editing any of the images under a Gallery you can add image tags. To add more than one tag to an image at a time simple put a comma after each work. *ie tag,this,and,some,more,tags
  3. Under the Tags tab in each gallery are options. Below are the options so far.

    The different separator options

  4. You can also create tags on our Tags menu option page if you wanted too.
  5. Here are some pics of the tags being used on the front end. (link examples coming soon)Tags above images w/comma separator:

    Tags under images w/dot separator: