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Theme Compatibility

Themes we know it works on well. We’re sure it works on many others but these are the only ones we can document for certain at the moment. Don’t forget about the padding option on the settings page if your page is not looking right.

  1. Twenty Ten
  2. Twenty Eleven
  3. Twenty Twelve
  4. Twenty Thirteen
  5. Twenty Fourteen
  6. Twenty Fiveteen
  7. Corellian JigoShop
  8. Responsive
  9. Cycnus (Child Theme)
  10. Destro
  11. Hannari
  12. Magazine (Child Theme)
  13. Omega
  14. Socially Awkward
  15. Suits

Our plugin is in beta testing mode so please be kind. We need feedback on the different themes and the outcome of our menu on them, if your works and looks great we would like to know. Email Us

We want to lock down our CSS and compatibility as much as possible. Your help is greatly appreciated and contributions always get credit when we do updates so send us example links.

If you find issues please don’t even think twice about contacting us. We want nothing more than to make sure our product is as sharp as it can be. Email Us, we usually respond within 12-24hrs, or you can look through our support forum and make a topic if you don’t find anything relative.