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In this tab on your gallery page you can do a number of things to protect your images if you so wish. We list and describe them below.

  1. This is not foolproof we are aware of this however this first setting will disable the right click option on desktop computers so people cannot look at the source code. This is not failsafe but for the vast majority this is enough to deter people from trying to find the image source.
  2. This one is pretty self explanatory, and this settings is in place to activate the options below.
  3. Now you want to upload your watermark. Upload the exact image size you want to display, we will not rescale the image in anyway.
  4. Choose what watermark type you want. The first one just creates an overlay on the image with your watermark, it does not stamp the image permanently. The second option will permanently place your watermark on the image, and this cannot be undone.
  5. If you choose the Overlay option you will be able to choose if you want the overlay image to appear over the image on the page and or the popup and what opacity you want for the image.
  6. Choose exactly where you want to see the watermark image and the margin for it as well.
  7. If you choose to permanently watermark your image you can choose what size you want to be watermarked. You will need to choose those same sizes to appear on the page and or popup too from the Layout tab on the same page. Please Note: This option will permanently mark your chosen image size once you click the publish button or update button. Set the opacity of your Watermark Image before you upload it above for this option. We suggest using a png for the best clarity and not a gif.