Create Woocommerce Products from Images

If you want to sell your individual photos or gallery of photos you’ll want to have Woocommerce installed and activated first. Once you have done that all the Woocommerce options will appear in our plugin. Below we will list of the options and capabilities of our plugin along with Woocommerce.

You will find these option under the WooCommerce tab under a gallery page in our plugin.


WooCommerce Options Setup

  1. The first option and most important is the “Show Purchase Link”. Select “Yes” for this option so the cart icon and purchase text will appear under your photos and in the popup.
    Example of cart icon and purchase text under photo on page

    Popup cart icon and purchase text
  2. You can also choose to change the wording for the text next to the icon.
  3. Check this option to “Auto Create a product for each image uploaded”. You must have a “Global Model Product” selected for this option to work.
  4. We have 2 options for creating products from your images. Global Model Product and Zip Product. We will explain both in more detail below.You will first want to create what we call a “Model Product”. When creating that product you will want to add any and all variations you want for your image. You don’t have to add any images to the”Model Product”. You may just want to title that product, “Model Product” or something along those lines.The first option you have here is the Global Model Product. This  Model Product you choose will be used to create a product for each individual image in your gallery. When each product is created it will then get the attachment image and zip for that full size image. Learn how to create a Variable product in Woocommerce.
  5. Our second option is if you want to create a product that contains all the images in your gallery. So again, create a “Model” product and name this one something like… Model Full Gallery and set your price and variations if any. Learn how to create a Simple product in Woocommerce.


Additional WooCommerce Options

You will also find some global Woocommerce options on the settings page that allows you to Attach Product to a Category named after Gallery and set the add to cart link option.


Creating your Product

Now that you have set up your product and options you will create your first product or products.

Create individual Image Product(s)

If you want to create a product for each image in your gallery, go to the Images tab and click on the blue button that says “Create individual Image Product(s)”

Once you click the button the page will create your product(s) and give you a success message when it is complete.


Create Digital Gallery Product

If you want to create a product that contains all the images in your gallery, go to the Images tab and click on the blue button that says “Create Digital Gallery Product”.

When clicking the “Create Digital Gallery Product”  button you will see a loading sign and upon completion it will give you a link to the zips page where you can then see your zip of images, download your gallery zip or view the contents of the zip or edit the product that gallery zip belongs too.


ZIP Gallery & Download

This button allows you to create a zip of all of the images in your Gallery and download them. After clicking the button all of the gallery’s images will be compressed and zipped up and will automatically download them to the location you have selected for Download on your computer. NOTE: This also saves a backup of the zip for you on the ZIP tab allowing you to see its contents, download it again in the future, manually create a Woo Product from it, or delete it.