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From the Images tab you can click Zip Gallery & Download and it will create a list on the ZIPS tab for you to view them, download or create a product.

This button will create a zip of all the full size images in this gallery on the ZIPs tab and then download a zip onto your computer. If you would like to just download a ZIP you have already made and NOT create a new ZIP of the gallery you may do so from the ZIPs tab.

Once you click the button you will see a loading icon and message about it loading, once it is complete your zip will automatically start to download for you.

Here you can see the gallery zipped up and it’s contents as well. From this point you can click on the “Create Product” button to create a product from your zip file. Remember you must have a Model product already setup from the WooCommerce tab of the page too. You can read more about creating model products here.